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Frequently asked Questions

Dear Parents/Guardians,



We have put together a list of common Frequently Asked Questions for parents in order to answer questions you may have about your child’s return to school. However, please understand that it is subject to change at any time, in accordance with NPHET guidelines.

  1. Will all children be able to return to school together? Yes. The Junior Infants are coming for a short visit on Monday 31st August but all children will be returning on Tuesday 1st September.
  2. Will there be staggered times for the children? Yes. Junior Infants will start at 10 am to 12.30 pm (until 14/09). The rest of the school will be divided into 2 groups:

Group A … children whose surnames are (A to K)  

Group B … children whose surnames are (L to Z) 

Group A will arrive between 9.00-9.20 am and depart between 2.45-3.00 pm. Group B will arrive between 9.20-9.40 am and depart between 3.00-3.15 pm (Group B).  This will be organised by families. Bus children will be faciliated as buses arrive.  Children will go directly to their classrooms. No playtime on the school yard before or after school.

  1. Will buses run as normal? Yes.
  2. Where can I drop my child every morning and collect every evening? Parents are asked to ‘drop and go’ in the mornings at the front gates. A detailed map of the entry/exit route for children will follow. In the morning, your child will enter by 1 of 3 gates which will be assigned and will follow the coloured footprints directly to their classroom keeping socially distanced.
  3. At what time can my child arrive to school? The earliest time children should arrive is 9.00 am. They will be supervised by staff from 9.00 am. Children may not enter school grounds before this time.
  4. Can Social Distancing work in Goggins Hill NS? Yes, we will endeavour to maintain a distance of 1 metre for all children from Junior Infants to 6th. All classes will remain in their own class grouping (Bubble) and there will be smaller groups within the class (Pods). All Bubbles will take their breaks outside in their own designated area.


  1. What has Goggins Hill NS done to implement the Covid 19 Road map for a Full Return?
  • A deep clean of the school has taken place
  • An extensive increased cleaning programme has been arranged for daily cleaning
  • Additional cleaning will take place each morning during school time
  • Every classroom has a cleaning kit for staff use if needed
  • An isolation room has been identified and equipped accordingly
  • Hand sanitising dispensers have been purchased and installed in each classroom and throughout the school
  • All toilet areas have soap dispensers, paper towels and child friendly ‘wash your hands’ posters
  • All classroom sinks have soap dispensers and paper towels
  • Additional toilets have been installed for children and staff
  • Teachers have prepared their classrooms to maintain 1m distancing between pupils
  • Excess furniture has been removed from all classrooms
  • All staff have PPE to use during the school day
  • A thermal thermometer has been purchased
  • Staggered arrival and dismissal times have been arranged for families
  • New yard supervision and staggered break timetables have been set up
  • The Board of Management and In-School Management team have been in constant contact discussing and implementing the policy guidelines
  • Staff have met to plan and discuss health and safety issues, undertaken DES Induction Training and training to facilitate distance learning
  • Signage to display Covid 19 information has been used to advise and remind all to keep safe
  • An internal phone/intercom system has been installed to enable effective communication and to minimise movement throughout the school
  • A safety screen has been fitted in the office
  • A Lead Worker and Deputy Lead Worker have been appointed from among the staff
  1. Who is allowed on school grounds? Only staff and children are permitted on school grounds at all times. Parents/visitors must make an appointment in the office. Masks must be worn. Visitor Contact Log must be signed. All external doors will be locked from the inside once children are in classrooms.
  2. How can I contact a teacher? Email the teacher – email addresses will be forwarded before our return. Ring the office and message will be passed on.
  3. What about uniforms? Children will wear uniforms on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They will wear the school tracksuit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that children change their clothes immediately after school. Waterproof jackets and shoes are essential as children will have to vacate classrooms regularly throughout the day regardless of weather!
  4. Do children need a school bag? Only a small gear/school bag. Children will only bring a lunch, drink and jacket to and from school. Books required for homework will be taken on Mondays and returned on Fridays but these will be minimal as most homework will be online.
  5. Will we send in all their new school books and copies on the first day? Send them in over the first few days. Please ensure that names are on the covers. Each child will be assigned an individual basket to hold books.
  6. Will pupils and teachers be wearing face masks? No for pupils, but this is a live document and guidelines may change. Staff will wear visors/face coverings when 2m social distancing cannot be maintained.
  7. What if my child forgets a lunch? Ring the office. Arrange to drop the item labelled in a clear bag to the office hatch. This is for emergencies only as visits must be kept to a minimum. Forgotten books/copies are not a priority at the moment.
  8. Can my child share or borrow pencil case items? No. We would ask that each child has 2 pencil cases. Leave one at school, with all items clearly labelled and the other at home.
  9. What if my child needs to leave school early? The adult collecting should phone the office in advance. The secretary will internally phone the class teacher concerned and the child will be sent/brought to the office hatch. Adult will wait at hatch and ‘sign out’ child as per usual.
  10. My child travels to school by bus. Any changes here? Yes. Sit on an assigned seat and sit on this seat every day. Sit beside a sibling or a child in your Bubble. Follow instructions from bus driver. Social distance while waiting to board the bus.
  11. Have staff received any extra training to keep us all safe? Yes. Staff have completed DES Primary School Induction Training and will continue completing Return to Work forms.
  12. Will all these new procedures relax when staff and pupils are settled back? No unless notified by the DES.
  13. What is the Lead Worker Representative? Each school must have a LWR who works closely with the Principal to implement the measures to prevent the spread of Covid 19 as well as communicating COVID-19 health advice in the workplace. Ms Alexis McKee is the Lead Worker Representative (LWR) and the Deputy Lead Worker is Mrs Eileen Madden.
  14. What happens if my child is in a ‘high risk group’ and cannot return to school? Email as soon as possible and your teacher will be in contact with you regarding a plan. Rest assured that your child will be supported.
  15. Is the school prepared for a return to online/distance learning? Yes. IT platforms are being explored at present with additional training for staff taking place. However, we really hope that the school won’t require this!!
  16. What will September’s learning be like? Teaching and learning will take place at a pace best suited to the children. Literacy, numeracy, SPHE and PE will be the focus areas as per DES guidelines, with wellbeing and resilience a priority for the first few weeks. Teachers will observe and assess current academic levels of children and will revise/reinforce skills accordingly.
  17. What happens if my child has a temperature/is coughing/is feeling sick? Keep your child at home. Do not take any chances. You know your child best and you may be certain that he/she does not have Covid 19 but if a child arrives at school sick, you will be called to come and collect him/her immediately. He/she will be waiting in the isolation room. Staff and pupils need to feel safe at Goggins Hill NS. We all have a responsibility to minimise the spread of this virus.
  18. What happens if there is a suspected case of Covid 19? Firstly, the school staff are not medics. We will do our best to assess the child in a calm manner. We will look after the child in the isolation room, take their temperature and you will be contacted immediately. (Please ensure contact details are up-to-date by filling in and returning the Contact Details Form attached). We will follow the guidelines and checklists as outlined in the Logistics Plan. Parents will be asked to keep the school informed on the outcome.
  19. Any other questions that we have not thought about? Email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  20. What do I need to do to prepare my child for 1st September? Reassure children that their teachers and SNAs are looking forward to seeing them and to hearing all about their summer. Reinforce the message that their teacher will take very good care of them. Practise hand washing techniques and remind the children of cough etiquette. Start going to bed early!!!