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20/21- First Class

                                               Goggins Hill National School

                                                 1st Class 2020/2021



Busy at Maths 1

Maths Challenge 1 workbook

Busy at Maths Assessment tests

Number Facts 1- A New Approach to Tables


C.J Fallon


C.J Fallon



Starlight 1st class skills book ( Core Reader on Book Rental)

Starlight 1st Class combined Reading and Skills

Jolly Phonics Grammar 1 Pupil Book

Sounds make Words 1st class




Jolly Phonics



Abair Liom C




Grow in Love (Pupil workbook 1st class)




Small World — 1st Class


C.J Fallon


Ready, Steady, Write 1 – Pre-cursive



Booklist First Class 2021


Journal ( available from the school for 4 euro) Plastic copy covers for all copies
10 x 88 page copies 30cm ruler
2 box copies ( 7mm square) 1 packet of colouring pencils ( no markers)
3 x B4 headline copies 1 painting shirt
2 x writing pencils and a pencil grip 1 eraser and topper
1 pritt stick ( to be replaced when used) 2 display folders
1 red biro  


Please label your child’c copy on the top right hand corner with his/her name

Book Rental Scheme:

Starlight 1st Class Core Reader


Helmet for hurling— one per family is sufficient and siblings can share

Term Cost:

The Board of Management, kindly thanks you for your co-operation in the payment of the Fixed Term Cost of 80 euro per child per school year. This helps offset some of the cost incurred in providing the following:

  • A book rental scheme
  • 24 hour pupil accident insurance cover
  • In school activities e.g bus trips to matches, competitions, dance teachers, sports, coaches etc.
  • Art and craft materials
  • Photocopying costs e.g. worksheets, communications etc.

The school operates an extensive book rental scheme which has grown over the years. It significantly reduces the cost of books to parents. The breakdown is as follows:

1 Child 80 Euro
2 Children 160 Euro
Each additional child 40 Euro


Term costs are payable either by cash or cheque in the office or through the school online payment system for which you will receive a text with the link in September. Payments can be made to the office in cash or cheque in full or instalments. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.