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Pupil Insurance

As part of theh parental contribution, our pupils are covered by 24 hour accident insurance by Allianz. Further information can be found on-line at

Best Protection for Pupils

Allianz do not RESTRICT the time in which follow on claims can be made. This means, if a pupil has an accident this year we will continue to pay the medical and / or dental expenses (subject to the policy limit of €50,000 from 01/09/11) for each as a result of that accident until the requirement for care has ceased. Our competitors have a 2 year time limit in which insured expenses can be claimed, after which date the parent/guardian is left to bear any subsequent costs. This benefit is particularly relevant for dental expenses where children may require further treatment for years to come, potentially leaving the parent severely out of pocket for an insured incident.

Schedule of Benefits


1.Death by Accident€30,000
2.Permanent total loss of sight in one eye or use of one limb€100,000
3.Permanent total loss of sight in both eyes or use of both limbs€150,000
4.Permanent total disablement€200,000
5.Total and irrecoverable loss of hearing in one ear€40,000
6Total and irrecoverable loss of hearing in both ears€100,000
7.Medical expenses not recoverable from any other source€50,000
8.Dental expenses not recoverable from any other source€50,000
9.Loss Of Speech€40,000
10.Hospital confinement payable per complete day (24 hour period) which shall continue whilst confined but not beyond 90 days from the day on which the Insured Person was first confined€20

Highest Medical and Dental Expense Benefits

If you require more details in relation to our scheme or have any questions about the policy, please contact our Dedicated Pupil Personal Accident Team at 01 613 3900, or your local Allianz Business Development Executive.


Please note that your policy includes important exclusions and conditions. The Company encourages you to read them carefully and to contact Allianz at 01 - 613 3900 if any clarification is needed.

98% of all claims come under these benefits. We provide the highest benefits on the market - up to €50,000 for each claim.

No Policy Excess

Allianz do not apply an Excess in respect of claims paid on this policy.