Courthouse and UCC Tour

posted 20 Dec 2011, 15:18 by Jan Kiernan

On the 8th December 6th class went on a school tour to the Courthouse and UCC. We got to see inside the cells and courtrooms in the courthouse. We also got to sit in on an actual court session.  It was an appeals session and most of the cases related to motor/driving offences. We saw how the court was laid out and where the judge, registrar, barristers, solicitors and stenographer all sat. We saw gardaí and witnesses being sworn in and giving evidence.


After that we went to UCC. We saw lots of historic parts of the campus, including the statue of St. Finbarr that replaced the statue of Queen Victoria, the Honan Chapel, and the Quad. We also got to visit the Crawford Observatory and look at the telescopes there. Before we left we left we had a Junior Conferring ceremony. We all got to wear robes and were presented with a certificate. Overall it was a great day and we all enjoyed ourselves