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Trips and Special Events

Challenge Day

posted 23 Jul 2012, 03:47 by Administrator Goggins Hill   [ updated 25 Jul 2012, 15:40 by Unknown user ]

On June 1st we held a sponsored challenge day in Goggins Hill NS. Children took part in activities such as knock out basket ball, silent walking, skipathon, sports challenges and measuring the school with lollipop sticks. Everybody had great fun and we raised €2378 for the school. Thank you to everybody who sponsored the event.

Challenge Day

Talent Show

posted 23 Jul 2012, 02:14 by Jan Kiernan   [ updated 23 Jul 2012, 02:14 ]

On the Wednesday before the holidays, the Student Council organised a Talent Show for all classes in the school. the show was open to all pupils, and we saw some wonderful displays including dancing, singing, poetry, drama and gymnastics.

World War II

posted 5 Jun 2012, 02:43 by Jan Kiernan   [ updated 5 Jun 2012, 07:38 ]

We have been studying World War 2 in sixth class recently.we learned about some of the key events of the war, what countries were involved and how it affected life in Ireland. We were lucky enough to hear first hand from Frank O Reilly how the war impacted on Ireland even though we were a neutral country.
Here are some of the interesting facts we learned from our talk with Frank.

·       Ireland spent loads of money on precautions that were never used.

·       There were Air Raid shelters built in Patrick Street but they were never used.

·       Mines were laid on the floor of Cork Harbour so no foreign submarines could invade.

·       People were told to wear their gas masks when they went outdoors, but they never did.

·       They never used their gas masks.

·       People were encouraged to use allotments to grow their own food, because food was rationed.

        Irish people went without luxury items like oranges because the war impacted on shipping and transportation.

·       Many Irish people got jobs while the British were at war.

·       Children all over Ireland were left without their fathers because of them being away at war and doing their jobs in England.

·       The Germans had a massive battleship that some people said would win the war for them.

·       The British sunk this ship in a huge battle.



Confirmation 2012

posted 4 Apr 2012, 06:57 by Jan Kiernan

Congratulations to the 23 6th class pupils who made their Confirmation on Thursday 28th March. The children put a lot of effort into preparing for the Ceremony and had even been visited by Bishop O Donoghue the previous week. The Bishop spoke to the children about the importance of Confirmation, and many of the symbols and rituals surrounding the Sacrament.

Many thanks to Bishop O Donoghue for who gave a lovely ceremony and took the time to speak to all of the children individually as they received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Thanks also to Fr. Kieron for all of his help during the year and also for co-celebrating the Confirmation Mass.

Daffodil Day

posted 27 Mar 2012, 05:51 by STUDENT COUNCIL   [ updated 27 Mar 2012, 06:12 ]

Last Friday was Daffodil Day. This is a nationwide fundraising day for the Irish Cancer Society. We celebrated Daffodil Day by dressing up in yellow and donating €2 to the irish Cancer Society. This was organised by local company MSD Brinny. Three representatives from MSD came out to the school again this year. They had prizes for teh best dressed in each class and also ran a competition where children had a chance to win a trip to MSD. They gave out lollipops, and inn each class there was one yellow lollipop. Whoever picked the yellow lollipop won the trip to MSD. Thanks to all who supported the event,and to MSD Brinny for coming out to our school.

Best Dressed

Lucky Yellow Lollipop Winners

Mrs. Meehan's Class
Ms. Kinahan's Class
Ms. Murphy's Class
Ms. Foran's Class
Mr. Long's Class
Ms. Kiernan's Class

Goggins Hill Goes Green

posted 21 Mar 2012, 05:33 by STUDENT COUNCIL

On Friday, 16th March, Goggins Hill Student Council organised a green day in honour of St. Patrick. All pupils made great effort to dress up in green, white and gold, and some of the teachers did too. We had great fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Guts and Digestion

posted 21 Mar 2012, 05:31 by STUDENT COUNCIL   [ updated 21 Mar 2012, 16:03 by Jan Kiernan ]

This week a lady named Eva from the APC (Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre) in UCC came to visit 4th, 5th and 6th class and teach us about guts and the digestive system. She taught us about a healthy diet for our age group. All the classes seemed very interested in the facts she taught us. She explained all about the digestive system and how it works, we also did an experiment.

First we crushed shredded wheat in a bag to represent the teeth tearing and grinding the food.

Then we added water and baking soda to act like saliva and enzymes. At this stage we had a thick paste.

Next we added vinegar to act like acidic juices from the stomach.

We placed a cotton pad to absorb the liquid like the large intestines do and to show how it would look after passing through the large intestines.

We all enjoyed it and hope she might be able to come back next year.      


Skip Hop

posted 21 Mar 2012, 05:16 by STUDENT COUNCIL   [ updated 21 Mar 2012, 05:30 by Jan Kiernan ]

For the last four years Skip Hop have come to Goggins Hill and this year Skip-hop came again to teach the students more skipping tips and tricks and to help improve their skipping. The tricks we learned are Pretzel, Double Skip, Pretzel Criss Cross, Backwards Criss Cross and Double Skip Criss Cross. All the classes had a great time skipping and learned lots about skipping. A lot of children from our school really enjoy skipping and it is becoming an extremely popular sport. People are now skipping on the yard every day. Skipping is a great way to keep fit and remember practice makes perfect!

Courthouse and UCC Tour

posted 20 Dec 2011, 15:18 by Jan Kiernan

On the 8th December 6th class went on a school tour to the Courthouse and UCC. We got to see inside the cells and courtrooms in the courthouse. We also got to sit in on an actual court session.  It was an appeals session and most of the cases related to motor/driving offences. We saw how the court was laid out and where the judge, registrar, barristers, solicitors and stenographer all sat. We saw gardaí and witnesses being sworn in and giving evidence.


After that we went to UCC. We saw lots of historic parts of the campus, including the statue of St. Finbarr that replaced the statue of Queen Victoria, the Honan Chapel, and the Quad. We also got to visit the Crawford Observatory and look at the telescopes there. Before we left we left we had a Junior Conferring ceremony. We all got to wear robes and were presented with a certificate. Overall it was a great day and we all enjoyed ourselves


posted 6 Dec 2011, 04:17 by Administrator Goggins Hill

Congratulations to our past pupil Eimear O Sullivan who was awarded with the Evening Echo's October Ladies Sports Star of the Month.
As a pupil, Eimear represented Goggins Hill on our Sciath na Scol Camogie Teams, bringing the cup back in both 1999 and 2000.
She returned to the school with more silverware recently, after she captained Ballinhassig to victory in the Senior B County Championship this year.
She has also gone on to wear the Cork jersey and is the proud holder of 2 All Ireland Senior Medals, from successful campaigns in 2008 and 2009.

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