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Winter- Frankie O' Brien 1st Class

posted 13 Dec 2012, 07:48 by John Long   [ updated 13 Dec 2012, 07:49 ]

The hedgehog is one of the animals who sleeps in winter.This sleep is called “hibernation.”The months of winter are November,December and January. The weather is cold, stormy rainy, snowy and icy. Migration is where birds fly away to a warmer country. 

At Christmas time, Santa comes, remember to leave out milk and cookies for him. You’ll have your stockings on your bed and Christmas tree up. The farmer puts the cows in for winter. He doesn’t milk on Christmas Day. 

We wear warm clothes and we have lots of food and drink. On Christmas holidays, I play with my friend and we have dinners at each others houses. We have our decorations up. We never open our windows. We have sleep-ins. I fill up my tummy. I make a snowman. I have snowball fights. (Frankie O' Brien 1st Class)