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Senior Infants

posted 11 Sep 2012, 09:40 by Administrator Goggins Hill   [ updated 21 Sep 2012, 07:17 by Jan Kiernan ]
Although we have only been back a short time the Senior Infants in Room 4 have been very busy. They have been doing lots of orienteering activities around the school, including a scavenger hunt where they searched for a stone, a leaf, a flower and a twig.

In art, they learned all about Georges Seurat. He was a French artist who painted pictures using pointillism. This meant he used lots of little dots. Here are some of our pointillist pictures.

We have also been learning all about toys and games. We asked our parents to tell us about the games they played when they were our age. They used to play catch, hopscotch, rounders and soccer. They used to play pretend games of school and shop too. Some parents played with dolls houses and toy tractors and toy animals. 
We tried playing Hopscotch. 

We learned about a game from another country too. In France they play a game called boules or petanque. It is usually played on the beach but we tried it on the yard. First we threw the white ball, then we took turns to throw the coloured ball. Whoever got their coloured ball the closest to the white ball was the winner.