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posted 29 Nov 2012, 11:33 by Administrator Goggins Hill
This week in Senior Infants we learned a song all about pizza. That inspired us to make these lovely pizzas in art.
Then we decided to make real pizzas. These are the ingredients we used.
We cheated a little bit and bought ready made pizza bases instead of making our own from dough.

Then we put tomato sauce on the base.

Next we sprinkled some cheese on top. We used mozzarella cheese.

We made one pizza with just cheese.

We made one with ham and cheese too.

We also made one with ham, cheese, sweetcorn and onion.

When we had all the toppings on the pizzas we cooked them in the oven.

When they were ready our teacher took them out of the oven and sliced them for us because they were hot.

When they cooled down a little bit, we ate them for lunch.
They were delicious!