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Our Senses

posted 28 Sep 2012, 03:37 by Jan Kiernan
In Senior Infants we have been learning all about our 5 senses.

We tested our sense of touch by trying to guess what was in the feely bag while we were blindfolded. Some of the things we felt were hard, sort, rough, smooth, straight, round, springy or squidgy.

We also did a smell test.
While we were blindfolded we had to smell chocolate spread, curry powder, onion, washing powder and ketchup.
We were able to identify all of the items except for the onion. Our favourite smell was the washing powder.

We did taste testing too. Firstly we did a blind taste test. We tasted cashew nuts, green pepper, raw carrot and crisps. We could identify the nuts, carrot and crisps. We did not like the green pepper at all. Most people liked the carrot and cashew nuts and almost everybody liked the crisps.
We did another taste test where we could see what we were tasting. Our favourite was the apple, 15 people liked that. Next was the orange with 12 votes. Close after was the cheese with 11 votes, and the carrot came in last with 10 votes.

Lastly we decided to taste some lemon, some people liked it but it was too sour for most of us.