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Elmer Elephant

posted 31 Jan 2013, 03:59 by Jan Kiernan
Recently our Senior Infants listened to the story of Elmer in the Snow. Elmer is a patchwork elephant, and there are lots of stories written about him. We liked Elmer so much that we made our own patchwork elephants. We cut up pieces of fabric to make the patches and stuck them on with glue. 
We also read the Elmer story where all the other elephants decorate themselves brightly and have a parade to celebrate Elmer's day. We decorated all of these elephants for the Elmer's Day Parade.

We learned lots of interesting facts about elephants.
  • elephants come from India and Africa.
  • elephants use their trunks to drink and to put food into their mouth.
  • elephants flap their ears to make themselves look big and scary.
  • elephants have tusks made of ivory.
  • a baby elephant is called a calf.