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Comfy Cushions

posted 27 Jun 2011, 06:18 by Jan Kiernan

5th and 6th class recently made some 'comfy cushions'.

We started off with a piece of fabric. We tied elastic bands around the fabric to create patterns and we dipped it into some dye. We left the fabric soak for a while before removing it and leaving it to dry. Then we repeated the process, dipping the fabric in a different colour dye the second time around.

With a second piece of fabric we made batik designs. First of all we mixed flour and water to make a thick paste. We applied the paste to the fabric in various shapes, patterns and designs. We allowed the paste to dry before putting the fabric into the dye. The areas covered with paste resisted the dye and when we took our fabric out we could see the patterns we had made. Once the fabric was dry we had to remove the dried paste from the fabric.

These two pieces of fabric would become the two sides of our cushions. We cut the material to size and pinned it together. Then we sewed around the edges on a sewing machine, leaving a gap at one corner. Next we needed to turn the cushion the right way around because it was inside out. Once we had done that we stuffed it with wadding. The last thing we had to do was sew up the gap we had left. We did this by hand-stitching. This was the first time many of us had used a sewing machine or even a needle and thread. It was a great experience and we all enjoyed making our beautiful, comfy cushions.