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Christmas Writing 1st Class- Cliodhna Mellerick

posted 13 Dec 2012, 07:44 by John Long   [ updated 13 Dec 2012, 07:46 ]

Christmas Night

It was Christmas Night. Santa got dressed and ran down the stairs. He ran over to the elves. One mean elf pretended to be a nice elf. The mean elf was called Ben. Santa said: “Ben bring the sleigh.” Ben brought a fake sleigh. Santa said: “Now Dasher, now Doner, now Comet and Rüdolf, go to the children.” It didn’t work. Ben made a spell so that Santa’s sleigh would go to a girl’s house and would stay there forever. “Ha, ha, ha,” Ben laughed.

Santa went to the girl’s house. He put down the presents under the tree. He had a piece of cake. Something went “bump.” A little girl came downstairs. She screamed: “ah, ah!!!! Are you the real Santa?” “Yes I am,” he said. The little girl called her mom: “Mom, mom, mom, Santa is here!!!!” Santa vanished up the chimney. He got in his sleigh. The little girl and her mom said; “Wow that is the real Santa.” The elves waited and waited a long time, the sleigh wouldn't go. Ben said: “ha,ha, ha” again. “My trick worked alright,” he said nastily. (Cliodhna Mellerick)