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Christmas Art and Felting

posted 18 Dec 2013, 13:48 by Jan Kiernan
We have been very busy in Senior Infants making decorations for our Christmas trees. 

We started we these lovely handmade felt decorations.

This took a lot of work. We started out with raw wool fibres. We laid them on top of each other in layers like this.

Then we covered them with some mesh netting and wet them with soapy water. We started off rubbing them gently with our hands to help the layers of wool bind together.

Next we wrapped them up in bubble wrap and rolled them with rolling pins, first in one direction and then the other.

Once that was done we rubbed the pieces between our hands to help the wool layers bind even more.

Then we rinsed them out and left them to dry and we had pieces of handmade felt that looked like this.

 When they were dry we cut them out into shapes using a die cutting machine.

When all of that was done we put ribbons through them and hung them on our Christmas Tree.

We also made Snowman and Santa decorations.
We cut out the shapes on the die cutting machine and decorated them with crepe paper and cotton wool.